BAK-9011 Raphael
by Brikoleur
uploaded 2019-09-07
(updated 2019-09-08)
stock+DLC spaceplane
#reusable #eve


Version 1.1: Improved thermal resistance in both the orbiter and the lifter modules.

The BAK-9011 Raphael is the latest member of the Angelus family of crewed Eve craft. Like the Seraph, she is – in theory – fully reusable, and indeed the orbiter is the same, battle-tested model. Raphael, however, is a conventional rocket plane. Less groundbreaking perhaps than the rotorcraft, and also a great deal heavier, but she does get to orbit a lot faster and has more control over the landing zone. She is capable of surviving atmospheric entry as a unit, but only when carrying no fuel. The orbiter module has been tested with a re-entry corridor of Ap 91 km, Pe 24 km.

Operating instructions

Take off fully fueled at maximum thrust. Rotate at 45 m/s and pull up to 70 degrees. Ease down to 65 degrees and hold that attitude until the lifter stage runs out of fuel. Stage the orbiter and fly to orbit as quickly as possible, aiming for a circular orbit at ca 90 km; you will need to burn significantly radial in once the Ap is high enough. When in orbit, switch to the lifter – there should be plenty of time before it hits 45 km. She has virtually no reaction wheels and therefore is uncontrollable until she hits thick air. Keep SAS OFF until she is flying aerodynamically, probably in a steep dive at between 15 and 25 km. Then engage SAS, guide her gently out of the dive, and land. She is quite easy to land and will touch down at around 45 m/s, but do be aware that the thick Evian atmosphere scrubs off speed quite quickly, so it is best to fly her down at ca 60 m/s and then flare for landing.

To re-enter the orbiter module, burn all your leftover fuel retrograde. Hold near-radial-out but leaning a bit stern forward so that the edge of the highly heat-resistant Mk 1 utility bay takes the brunt of the thermal shock.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.7.3.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 48
  • Pure Stock
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