Basilisk -D5
by Box_of_Stardust
uploaded 2018-03-05
(updated 2018-03-25)
mod aircraft


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 80
  • Mods: 3


  • Airplane Plus
  • BDArmory
  • Squad (stock)

Basilisk D5

Basilisk Interceptor/Air Supremacy - D5 The Last Gunfighter

The BIAS Program (Basilisk Interceptor/Air Supremacy) follows the Viper Air Supremacy Program and PEGASys-D, taking core concepts from both and integrating them into a single drone fighter, the Basilisk. The Basilisk also takes its name from the combination of the two previous aircraft, being a mythological serpent.

7 Tiger engines shove this aircraft through the air. Basilisk has improved maneuverability over PEGASys-D.

D5 is a variant of the Basilisk-D, being armed with 6 Vulcans and only 2 Sidewinders. It is tuned ‘out of doctrine’ compared to the Viper-ASP and PEGASys-D and even the standard Basilisk, instead following the current meta in the ASCC.

Because wow, do I hate long range head-on Vulcan spam when the two opposing forces merge. And as of right now, the worse offender is the Du-3, carrying only 5 Vulcans and fires right away because it doesn’t bother with trying to get missile locks at all.

The sole purpose of the Basilisk-D5 is to remove the Du-3 from its position so that I can stop tuning against a plane that’s so deadly in the initial merge. The ‘out of doctrine’ tuning conforms to 2500m gun range, so it can throw a hail of gunfire back at range. And thus hopefully remove pure gunfighters from the board- by gunfighting back as hard as possible. Hence, The Last Gunfighter.

Built for the Air Superiority Competition Continued.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.

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