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by Box_of_Stardust
uploaded 2018-04-11
(updated 2018-04-11)
mod aircraft


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 29
  • Mods: 2


  • Airplane Plus
  • Squad (stock)


4-Series, Model 01, Block 1, Variant A¨¨= TWIN CROWN AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES =¨¨220m/s @ 6300m = 3000kmA design thrown together after attempts to economically downsize the A-501 failed, the A-401 has turned out to be an excellent, stable, and cooperative aircraft.

The 1A is powered by 2 Lotus engines. It carries up to 56 passengers. It has its own embarkation ramp.

It turns out standard cabins are far cheaper than luxury cabins! Who would’a thunk it.

And for a ‘thrown together’ design, it’s possibly TCA’s best-flying airliner. Stable and safe. 48 passengers in the 01 with an ramp entry for remote airfields, and 56 passengers in the 02 for standard airports.

The Lotus engines are both a blessing and a curse. Their high altitude and speed performance is poor, giving the A-401 a top speed of only 220m/s, but are efficient enough to cruise at 6300m for a range of over 3000km.

Also, as payback to the Military Application Division guys for taking a swing at the turboprop requirement, the designers of the A-401 stole the parts meant for ASPEN-platform combat drones and used them in their intended purpose as actual wing strakes.

Built for Kerbal Express Airlines - Regional Jet Challenge.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.

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