J-Swan MK4-2
by Bloojay
uploaded 2015-12-15
stock lifter
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Behold. The Magnificent Cargo plane. I was messing around in KSP in the way we all do and made this beastly beast here that was inspired by my wanting to make a plane with a Firefly Serenity-esk cargo ramp because i wanted to build a different kind of cargo plane. After i made this, silliness ensued as always, i ended up creating a challenge. So, I present to you…

The Cargo Plane Challenge.

Create a Cargo plane.

Put a Cargo plane in that Cargo plane.

Put a Cargo plane in THAT Cargo plane.

Put a Paratrooper in THAT Cargo plane.

Deliver that Paratrooper to the top of the VAB or another Building in the KSC.

                  Cargo Plane Teir 2                                    Cargo Plane Teir 3


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 147
  • Pure Stock
  The hold for the Paratrooper


Make sure you fill the plane up with kerbals

Step 1) Once loading the plane on the landing strip, activate the parking brake, then press Action group 4. This will decouple the second Cargo plane and lower the landing gear. Then Press 2 to open the Cargo Ramp so that step 2 may be possible.

Step 2) Swap to the second Cargo Plane in the First Cargo Planes Hold, throttle down, and activate the 2 main engines. Turn the Parking brake off and bring the plane up enough that a kerbal may exit the Cabin at the back of the bay, activate the parking break, then open the third Cargo planes Service Bay.

Step 3) Swap back to the First Cargo plane and EVA one of the Kerbals you have stored in the Cabin in the Cargo Hold. Bring him directly underneath the 3rd Cargo planes Bay (which should be accessible through the 2nd planes cargo bay) and right click on the command seat and board it, if you have a mod that allows you to start a kerbal in a command seat, you’ve just wasted a load of time for not reading ahead you dummy.

Step 4) Close the service bay on the Third Cargo plane, then close the the cargo bay on the second Cargo plane, right click the second planes Cockpit and control from there, raise and lower the landing gear fast to extend the rear landing legs (fudgey i know) press action group 1 to activate the thrust reversers, disable the parking break and back it up slowly until you bump the back of the bay, then cut the throttle and turn the reversers off. you can turn the parking breaks on if you want to but they won’t do much. Then Swap to the First Cargo plane, and close the ramp using action group 2.

Step 5) Take off. You won’t lift off till just before the end of the runway, once you do you can climb if you want to, but any altitude is only used for Safety. Make sure SAS is on and fly as level as possible, swap to the plane in you bay and make sure the SAS is on on that plane ass well. the optimal speed for this is between 120 M/s and 180 M/s.

Step 6) Press 2 to open the ramp (which should be at an even level with the cargo bay) then swap to the 2nd stage Cargo plane and throttle up to max (Default Z or hold Shift) and make sure you are exiting the plane without bumping the roof. Once clear make sure to never over-pitch or the plane will flip-out.

Step 7) Once ready to deploy the final Cargo Plane, slow down to the optimal speed between 30 M/s and 60 M/s (the thrust reversers are your friend) and open the cargo bay to its max width. From there you must active the engine and decouple the docking port, freeing the final stage.

Step 8) Swap to the Third Cargo plane, it should be upside down due to how i had to store it. Once near the desired Target, open the service Bay and slow down to the desired speed of between [Redacted] and [Redacted] and active the decoupler then swap to the kerbal and activate the Parachute if it didn’t deploy (its a crap shot so stay a healthy altitude above the target)

Step 9) Fall. Then Land.

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