Tylo Lander
by Banisher
uploaded 2017-11-19
stock lander
#Tylo #lander #mk2cargo


This small lander is designed to land from and return to Tylo orbit. It fits into the smallest mk2 cargo bay, and has 3 stages. Tested from a 45000km orbit, and returned with over 500 deltaV extra.

To Fly:

  • To save weight there are no fuel lines so you will have to keep an eye on fuel levels manually.

  • Once the large top fuel block runs out, and needs to be staged, kill all thrust first, then stage.

  • Because of the small landing gear this craft can’t take too hard of a landing, try to be a little gentle.

  • After you do all the science remember to take all the data, since the experiments are attached to the side boosters and they aren’t going all the way back to orbit. The core stage should have enough fuel get into orbit itself, but you should probably still have some fuel in the side boosters so go ahead and use it to help during launch.

  • I also kill thrust when I stage off the side boosters, but you probably don’t need too.

  • After ditching the side boosters no more staging needed just fly into orbit.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: lander
  • Part Count: 49
  • Pure Stock
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