Seedling Probe
by BaconOnARock
uploaded 2017-02-18
stock probe
#Probe #Lander #Atmospheric


The Seedling is a light planetary probe designed to land on bodies with thick atmospheres like Kerbin, Laythe, and Eve (only tested on Kerbin but Wernher assures me it can land on other planets). It uses airbreaks to land because the engineers used all the parachutes as blankets, and besides, airbreaks look cooler -Wernher von Kerman
The probe comes with an ascent and orbiter stage (which doubles as a deorbiter) included, but if you want to get much further than kerbin orbit you’re going to need to build your own lifter.
no scientific instruments included.
Kerbal Engineer is strongly recommended. (but not required)

Landing Guide:

•Deorbit with orbiter stage* (try to aim for a relitivally flat area, steep hills will cause the airbreaks to combust, doesn’t actually harm you since you’re already landed but it decreases cool factor by 200%)
•Turn on yaw and pitch authority on the airbreaks* (not necessary but makes it look cool)
•Detatch from orbiter and point prograde* (might need to shimmy a little bit to get away from orbiter)
•Retract antenna and solar panels when you first hit the upper atmosphere
•At 5KM surface altitude (not sea level, this is why you want Kerbal Engineer) flip to retrograde
•At 3KM surface deploy the airbreaks
•At around 100 meters you should be moving at lower than 50 M/S, switch the auto SAS from Retrograde to Radial Out
•You will bounce a bit when you hit the ground, nothing should break. set the airbreak’s authority limiter to 40 to act as ground stabilizers, you can now turn SAS off and redeploy the solar panels and antenna.
*any steps with an asterisk can be done in any order, just do them before the steps without an asterisk
have fun! and remember, this probe is more about looking interesting than actual functionality.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: probe
  • Part Count: 37
  • Pure Stock
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