77I- Lowell Trucking Ghost 1993 v1.0
by Azimech
uploaded 2018-06-15
(updated 2018-06-15)
stock rover
#Truck #Car #Fast #Awesome

Based on the Mountain Ghost, Lowell came with a light truck in 1993. Amazing performance!

Most of the specs are the same as the Mountain Ghost, as such it has the incredibly high top speed of 92m/s!
It’s designed to not roll over, instead it will gently go into oversteer.
Also like the Mountain Ghost it’s able to fly! Just don’t forget to switch on RCS and keep your eye at the monopropellant gauge.

Now it is possible to roll it over but that usually happens when transporting your girlfriend’s Glarflurpian Mini Bull to the vet in the mountains because he has a case of Joolian Hay Itch. Which is not very useful because Joolian Hay is the only thing a Glarflurpian Mini Bull eats. But he likes the ride and it even gives him the ability to ventilate his butthole without serious consequences (for more information about the serious consequences of ventilating a Glarfurpian Mini Bull’s butthole while standing still, please consult the wiki page).

Shiny Zrikarg firewood or a Glarflurpian Mini Bull are not included.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.4.3.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 148
  • Pure Stock
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