77I-Azi34 Alastor 1 Commuter v1.1
by Azimech
uploaded 2018-03-25
(updated 2018-03-30)
stock aircraft
#Stock #Turboprop #Fast

The Alastor 1 is named for the fact it has a single engine. The Alastor 2 and 3 are coming soon. This is the link to the video because somehow it won’t play here.

Updated to version 1.1!

Replaced the turbine shaft with a less draggy one.

This is a fast turboprop with excellent range, ceiling and speed. It’s also very agile, a STOL and capable of landing and taking off from rough terrain.

The colour is a hommage to the doppler blueshift in astronomy.

There are two types, the Azi33 Alastor 1 Cargo and Azi34 Alastor 1 Commuter. All specs are basically the same.

Top speed (sea level, tanks almost empty:) 140m/s (Version 1.1: 145m/s).
Range (unladen): 1250km.
Max payload: 40t.

See the video for some flight instructions.

Never forget: start your take off roll at 50% throttle. At 100% throttle and very low speed the propellor pulls an incredible 615kN on the bearings and shaft, they will most likely fail.

Also: take a look at the action groups. Because the Alastor 2 and 3 have engines on the wings I’ve chosen to engage/disengage the propellors separately, for steering on the ground and emergencies. The Alastor 1 engine is started with action groups 2 and 5.

The landing gear might seem weird but it’s very functional. You can change attitude with the rear main gear for easier loading/unloading cargo or kerbals. Retracting both main gear is meant for steering on the ground, you’ll see what I mean. Landing/taking off should always be done with the gear in standard position (rear main gear retracted) to reduce the risk of propellor strike.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.

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