77I-Azi24 Cronus v2.0
by Azimech
uploaded 2017-04-12
(updated 2019-05-01)
stock aircraft
#Cargo #Helicopter

The largest and most powerful stock helicopter in KSP! The same length as a 747! Able to airlift a 65t. M1A2 Abrams!

This vehicle can land and take off both as an airplane and helicopter!

Updated to version 2.0!

  • New engines! A crossbreed between the Asura II and Vapula, this one uses the bearings of the Asura II and the turbine assembly of the Vapula. Power has increased from 1170kN to 1580kN while fuel consumption has dropped from 3.03 to 1.29!

  • Cronus has an improved control method compared to v1.0, called AHRCS (Azimech Helicopter Reaction Control System), based on my invention the Boost Flap. No more using action groups for extra control, just enable the system with the RCS button and fly like you would normally.

  • Changed the dihedral to anhedral for improved roll performance. This also moved the engines/rotors down, closer to the CoM.

  • Fixed a fuel flow bug.

  • Complete startup sequence: Decouple the turbine shafts and start the main engines; set power program ¼, press 7. Start the AHRCS with your RCS key. Switch on SAS. Choose a power program for taking off, 2/3 or Full (8 or 9, depending on fuel load). Throttle up.

  • Part count has decreased (it’s a miracle!) from 421 to 398!

  • Power Boost Flap: use action group 6 to instantaneously block/unblock the thrust from two blowers per engine, for a fast response.

  • Transition from VTOL to airplane: enable FMJ’s (Forward Motion Jets, AG 5) … when picked up enough speed, switch to a lower power setting (i.e. from full to ¾ … see action groups list). Eventually you can cut the main engines (abort) and the AHRCS system and fly on just the FMJ’s, with a dramatically reduced fuel consumption.

  • KSP 1.7.0 has reduced performance with collider interactions. You can reduce CPU load at the expense of somewhat rougher running engines by extending/retracting the landing gear elements in the main engine bearings. It also reduces drag when flying on the FMJ’s. Double tap AG 4 the first time.

New manual is being worked on. Study the action groups carefully. For more info look at the manual for the Azi20 Selene.

Whatever you do, don’t stage.

Changelog version 1.1:

  • In some cases an engine would develop a low-frequency, high-amplitude vibration. Enough to shear the engine off the wing. Added 2 struts per engine to remedy the situation. Don’t use the undo function in the editor, I’ve stretched those struts beyond original game length limit using offset. Undo resets them.

  • Changed the horizontal stabilizer into an all-moving elevator for more control and less drag during forward flight.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 398
  • Pure Stock
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