77I-Azi14 Asura v1.2
by Azimech
uploaded 2016-08-11
(updated 2016-11-11)
stock ship
#Turboshaft #Helicopter


My first turboshaft helicopter in almost a year. I really like this one and will update it often.

Very easy to fly! Just not very fast. The difference with KSP 1.1.3 is huge, 1.2 performs much better!

Some hints & tips can be found in the album.

Changelog version 1.2:

  • Increased part count from 568 to 591.

  • Filled the tanks to 100% to increase range, it’s able to land on the island runway now.

  • Improved the bearings, no more explosions and a little bit less drag.

  • Added two extra Juno’s for forward motion.

  • Improved aerodynamics and flight control. For taking off, flying around KSC and landing, use SAS. Otherwise it’s sufficient and even preferable to use trim.

Changelog version 1.1:

  • Reduced part count from 576 to 568.

  • Reduced mass a little.

  • Improved bearing reliability. You still might see some explosions but usually they don’t have much effect.

  • Improved paneling all around, especially the doors.

  • Fixed the bugs with the sunscreen & doors action groups.


Starting engines and take off:

  • Press AG1 for decoupling both turbine shafts.

  • Press AG2, AG3 and AG4 to enable all blower stages.

  • Enable SAS.

  • Hit full throttle.

  • Use AG5 to toggle the third tail rotor blower when flying.


  • Use your imagination.

A stock aircraft called 77I-Azi14 Asura v1.2. Built with 593 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3CargoBayM.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 593
  • Pure Stock
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