77I-Azi13 Stock Turboprop Flight Around Kerbin
by Azimech
uploaded 2016-08-07
(updated 2016-11-02)
stock aircraft
#Stock #Turboprop #Long #Range

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Updated to v1.2!


  • Made compatible with KSP 1.2.1. Warning, overrevving the engine has serious consequences again, this time the thrust bearing will fail. KSP limitation. New engine redline: 50 rad/s.

  • Aero system has changed a bit, slowing the plane a bit down. New top speed stock aero: 77.7m/s (funny!). Adjusted aero: 163.4m/s.

  • Placed some autostruts to make the plane a bit stiffer.

  • Removed the airbrakes. Why did I place them in the first place, changing the propeller pitch is enough!


  • You’ll get best results out of this airplane if you install V.O.I.D. so you’ll have an engine speed readout. Just like real life, a propeller has an optimum blade angle for every speed. Propeller speed too high means too much drag/pitch angle too low. Propeller speed too low also means too much drag but angle too high.

  • For anything with turboshaft engines, stock drag is too high. Use the F12 menu -> Physics tab -> Drag tab, set Global Drag Multiplier to minimum.

  • When using V.O.I.D, switch off kerbal engineering calculations or you’ll get a massive performance hit.

  • How to disable jet engine smoke (it eats a lot of cpu/fpu power): http://i.imgur.com/ICwCb0K.jpg

  • If you want the ability to get 100% performance out of my turboshaft engines, go to your Physics.cfg in the KSP root folder, change line 89 which says maxAngularVelocity = 31.416. Set the value to 60 or higher. This engine will get damaged or fantastically explode at speeds higher than 51rad/s (487 RPM). Resolved in KSP 1.2.

  • This engine/propeller setup has an optimal speed between 47.2 - 49.9 rad/s. It will provide best fuel economy and speed.

  • Tanks are full, for aerobatics and high speed you need to fill 10 - 25%.

Take off:

  1. Set propeller pitch to -55 if not already.

  2. Switch on first (starter stage) and second stage blowers (AG 2 & 3).

  3. Apply full throttle, then quickly decouple the turbine shaft (AG 1) and apply SAS.

  4. The airplane will take off by itself.
    Switch to the shaft, notice engine speed. Adjust pitch to keep engine speed below 50 rad/s.


  • Throttle at max, keep the propeller running at peak efficiency (48.5 - 49.9 rad/s), use both blower stages.


  • Keep the propeller running at peak efficiency (47.2 - 48.5 rad/s), switch off first stage blowers. This is better than reducing throttle, first of all FPS increases while the more efficient second stage provides better fuel economy.

Engine failure:

  • Set the propeller pitch to max to reduce drag and increase range while gliding.


  • Set propeller pitch low (watch engine speed!) to increase drag. Use (AG 4) to toggle the airbrakes.

  • Built as a STOL. The aircraft is very easy to fly at all speeds and all attitudes but … the bearing doesn’t like large control inputs at low speeds and jerky movement.


  • Switch off engine, set friction control on high on the bearings, use (AG 10) to brake the turbine shaft and use parking brake for the wheels. Only save when the turbine shaft has stopped rotating!

  • When saving, make sure the focus is on the airplane, not the turbine shaft. Pilot assistant controls the first craft it focuses on when loading a saved game.

A stock aircraft called 77I-Azi13 Stock Turboprop Flight Around Kerbin. Built with 272 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3FuselageLF.25.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 272
  • Pure Stock
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