77I- 1969 Charger R/T 4.3 and Daytona
by Azimech
uploaded 2015-10-14
(updated 2019-05-01)
stock rover
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And here’s the 3.0 album, with some nice pictures and explanation of the upgrade kits.

The Dodge Charger R/T. One of the most iconic muscle cars in history. For the Charger Daytona, see the bottom of this page

Changelog version 4.3:

  • Updated to KSP 1.7 … actually just a test and all is fine.

Changelog version 4.2:

  • Updated to KSP 1.6, removed the crew cabin since we now install kerbals directly in their seats.

  • Increased grip values somewhat.

Changelog version 4.1:

  • For KSP 1.4.3 and higher only.*
  • Updated grip values for the wheels to cope with the disastrous KSP 1.4.x standard values.
  • Big redesign on the Daytona, it looks a lot more like the original now.

This is the link to the KSP 1.3.x version


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 194
  • Pure Stock

Changelog version 4.0:

  • Moved the roof towards the rear and down.

  • Lowered the tail.

  • Added the fake cooling slits on the side.

  • Reworked the hood to give the impression of a rounded windscreen.

  • Moved the rear wheels forward.

  • Added interiour panels.

  • Moved the seats a little bit to the rear.

  • Changed the angle of the C-pillars.

  • Changed the angle and location of the side panels.

  • Replaced the trunk panels.

  • Adjusted aerodynamics.

  • Part count increased from 176 to 194. But I think it’s worth it.

  • A little bit heavier, mass increased from 8.726 to 8.995t.

  • Unchanged: suspension, grip values, engine except:

  • Finally changed it from a 4x4 to a RWD.

  • It’s still great for off road!

  • Top speed: unchanged, 89 m/s.

As a whole the car looks much more like a real Charger than before. The modification can be seen as the difference between the ‘67 and '68 Charger.

Changelog version 3.3:

  • Improved the looks of the rear, the large gap has gone.

  • Moved driver position back and up.

  • Improved the dashboard.

Changelog version 3.2:

  • Minor improvements to the body, top speed increased to 89m/s.

  • Added a steering wheel.

  • Compatible with KSP 1.3.

Changelog version 3.1:

  • Minor improvements to the body.

  • Adjusted brake balance some more.

Changelog version 3.0:

  • Introduces upgrade kits: a subassembly for moving headlight louvres and two subassemblies to turn it into a Daytona.

  • Reduced mass from 10.005t. to 8.726t - now it probably beats the Challenger again in a drag race.

  • Redesigned front subframe, it’s lighter but stronger.

  • Moved the engines from behind the rear axle to in front of the front axle. Much better CoM.

  • Redesigned the rear to have more detail.

  • Redesigned the nose to have more detail as well.

  • Improved aerodynamics: top speed increased from 84m/s to 88m/s.

  • Stiffened the front suspension a bit to handle the shifted CoM.

  • Doubled the fuel capacity.

  • Added a sort of dashboard.

  • Replaced the A-pillars and window sills with antennae.

  • Part count increased from 146 to 171.

  • It’s a little less stable at high speed, a little more stable at low speed … exactly what I wanted.

Changelog version 2.4:

  • Reduced grip overall to create an even better driving experience.

  • Added two extra headlights.

  • Mass increased slightly to 10.005t.

Changelog version 2.3:

  • Apparently the Boost Flap had not enough clearance, it blocked 2 of the 4 jet engines the whole time. And I wondered why that cop car was suddenly faster. Fixed.

  • Gave the rear wheels a tiny amount of extra grip.

Changelog version 2.2:

  • Reduced part count from 145 to 142.

  • Reduced mass from 10,133 kg to 9,953

  • Reduced battery capacity from 800 to 400 (it’s only used for assisting acceleration anyway).

  • Moved ballast mass forward.

  • Moved the chairs forward.

  • Changed brake balance, now it’s 80 front, 20 rear.

  • Made the suspension a lot softer, especially the rear.

  • Changed a lot of friction values. It’s more stable at high speed, more unstable at low.

  • Reduced Z-fighting.

  • Made the other strut ends invisible too.

  • Some more streamlining. New top speed: 84m/s (302km/h)!

  • Changed CoM/CoL … now it has a tendency to nose down a bit. No more unwanted airplane behaviour!

  • Reduced Boost Flap response time: Was 1.2s, now 0.1!

Changelog version 2.1:

  • Note: pictures are still from the 2.0 version.

  • Reduced part count from 163 to 145 (note, this is after decoupling MK1 capsule).

  • Reduced mass from 11,733 kg to 10,133 kg (again, after decoupling capsule).

  • Cleaned up the exteriour a lot (thanks to forum user Majorjim to motivate me to do what I needed to do a long time ago).

  • Added brake lights.

  • New top speed: almost 77m/s (was 75m/s).

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.7.0.

The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

The Charger Daytona. It was the first racing car to break the 200 MPH barrier.

This Charger has undergone a diet with lots of body panels replaced with lighter ones. The interiour is mostly gone. Also added two Juno’s (6 total) and four wheels (12 total), widened the track en lowered ride height, increased grip etc. Wheels have a camber of 2 deg.

Top speed: 122m/s.
Max acceleration: 1.9G.
Max braking: 2.3G.
Max G in corners: 7.8.

Empty weight decreased from 7.995t to 7.042t.
TWR increased from 1.007 to 1.713 (5% fuel).

Obviously since this is based on an old design and quite heavy, it won’t compete with my newer designs. It’s fun to drive though.

Download link v1.2 (KSP 1.4.3)

Download link v1.3 (KSP 1.7.0)

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