77I- V4 Diesel Type A v1.0
by Azimech
uploaded 2017-09-11
stock ship
#Piston #Diesel #Engine

Is it a Detroit Diesel?

Stock V4 two-stroke with overhead camshafts

Some specs:

Cylinder bank angle: 90°.
Piston drivers: 4x Panther in dry mode.
Stroke: 90cm.
Bore: We don’t have compression so it doesn’t matter.
Conrods: fork/blade type, this way the cylinder banks are evenly placed.
Main crankshaft bearings: 3x6 RCS balls.
Crank bearings: 4x20 RCS balls.
Max engine speed: 12.5 rad/s (120 rpm).
Economy cruise: throttle at 50%.
Top speed: ~12 m/s.
Propeller: 7 blades, fully adjustable.
Total part count with intake/exhaust stacks: 452.
Part count with the intake/exhaust stacks removed: 374.


  1. Consider the removal of the intake/exhaust stacks. Sure, they look nice but are as useful as Rick’s butter passing robot. Top speed will increase. Also FPS.
  2. Also, the three Stack Tri-Adapters on the rear of the engine are just as useful. I think they look cool. You won’t need them.
  3. Starting: just press stage. It will start turning. Lower throttle to 40% to be on the safe side.
  4. Change focus (left, once) and select a propeller blade. Pin it to the screen.
  5. Return focus to main. Now change the control authority towards 0. The boat starts to drive on the runway. Go wherever you like. Just remember, it can’t climb hills.
  6. Increase throttle gradually while changing the propeller pitch towards higher values. Throttle at 75% is good, above it weird stuff might happen.
  7. If you overrev it, it will fail. I recommend to install V.O.I.D. to have a proper readout of the engine speed, in rad/s.
  8. Parking it: cut throttle. Set parking brake, adjust the braking power slider on the rover wheel to 200. When the boat is 100% dead in the water, you can save the game or leave.

While this machine is no real diesel, I use the mod Rover Wheel Sounds with my own sample to relax. Yes, I’ve recorded a Detroit Diesel :-P
You can download it in the link below, it’s the complete original mod but with added sounds and a changed configuration file. License is included. Just install manually like you would any other mod.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.

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