77I- MiG-15bis
by Azimech
uploaded 2017-08-04
stock aircraft

Modification with permission.

Link to original craft: https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/MiG-15

Modifcations include:

  • The elevons on the main wing had pitch enabled. Corrected.

  • Reduced roll authority on outer main wing elevons, disabled on inner elevons.

  • Inner elevons are flaps only, also added leading edge slats (not historically accurate, remove if you want but they really help).

  • Changed friction settings on all landing gear to override.

  • Set the landing gear dampers to max, spring settings to low. It still bounces when your decent rate is too high.

  • Replaced the horizontal stabilizers with all moving ones (apparently historically correct on later types) and clipped two sets together. Also set them to pitch only. Control authority is set to 77 but you can increase if you like.

  • Left the front tank empty but filled the rear tank.

  • Stretched the fuselage from 9.2m to 10.3m.

  • Disabled reaction wheel in the cockpit. Planes shouldn’t have those :-)

  • Moved the vertical stabilizer aft and gave it an angle closer to real.

  • Added some parts inside to solve some typical KSP drag problems.

  • Removed a bunch of parts like a double clipped rear fuel tank.

  • Replaced the 8 air intakes serving as intake duct with two radiator panels.

  • Added airbrakes. Not really needed but historically accurate.

  • Gave the main wing a few degrees anhedral, historically accurate.

  • Removed one Juno, there’s two left and the Wheesley. It matches the speed of the original craft and the real aircraft both at sea level (Mach 0.87) and at 3000m (Mach 0.9).

That’s it. It flies totally different. I’ve been flying without SAS, it’s really stable and very easy to fly.

Take off: press 1 for flaps/slats. Just go full power, no input or SAS needed and it will take off at 70m/s. When it’s pitching up 30 degrees you can retract flaps and it will gently lower the nose and happily accelerate to full speed.

Landing: Extend flaps/slats, try to touch down at 60 - 70m/s (almost level). Can be done with 45m/s but with increased risk of tail strike.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 79
  • Pure Stock
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