77I- Drag Race Launcher 1.0
by Azimech
uploaded 2017-01-07
stock base
#Racing #Funny #Car #Pro #Stock

This drag strip is ½ mile long. It has finish lines at 1/8, ¼ and ½ mile. The ramps and the christmas tree are controlled through action groups.


  • Use Mechjeb for controlling your vehicles, set the rover autopilot to 90.5 degrees or they will run off the runway.

  • When attaching a vehicle, don’t touch the decouplers. Load a new vehicle and use the merge option. Attach the vehicle to the decoupler and slide it to the right spot.

  • The use of Editor Extensions Redux is recommended.

  • You can delete the pavilions for a reduction in part count.

  • There are two ramp sizes, smaller for the beige wheels and bigger for the grey wheels. Use offset to slide the right type into place.

  • NEVER USE THE UNDO FUNCTION. It will reset the struts which make the finish lines.

  • Put drivers in the crew cabin.

  • When loading the simulation, first put the drivers in their seats. After that, set throttle to 0. Decouple both vehicles, set both rover autopilots to 90.5 degrees. Start the engines and throttle to max. When both vehicles are at max thrust, switch to the launcher. Press 9 and then press 8. They’re off!

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: base
  • Part Count: 164
  • Pure Stock
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