77I- 1969 Charger R/T 4.0
by Azimech
uploaded 2015-10-14
(updated 2017-07-21)
stock rover
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And here’s the 3.0 album, with some nice pictures and explanation of the upgrade kits.

The Dodge Charger R/T. One of the most iconic muscle cars in history.

Changelog version 4.0:

  • Moved the roof towards the rear and down.

  • Lowered the tail.

  • Added the fake cooling slits on the side.

  • Reworked the hood to give the impression of a rounded windscreen.

  • Moved the rear wheels forward.

  • Added interiour panels.

  • Moved the seats a little bit to the rear.

  • Changed the angle of the C-pillars.

  • Changed the angle and location of the side panels.

  • Replaced the trunk panels.

  • Adjusted aerodynamics.

  • Part count increased from 176 to 194. But I think it’s worth it.

  • A little bit heavier, mass increased from 8.726 to 8.995t.

  • Unchanged: suspension, grip values, engine except:

  • Finally changed it from a 4x4 to a RWD.

  • It’s still great for off road!

  • Top speed: unchanged, 89 m/s.

As a whole the car looks much more like a real Charger than before. The modification can be seen as the difference between the ‘67 and '68 Charger.

Changelog version 3.3:

  • Improved the looks of the rear, the large gap has gone.

  • Moved driver position back and up.

  • Improved the dashboard.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 196
  • Pure Stock

Changelog version 3.2:

  • Minor improvements to the body, top speed increased to 89m/s.

  • Added a steering wheel.

  • Compatible with KSP 1.3.

Changelog version 3.1:

  • Minor improvements to the body.

  • Adjusted brake balance some more.

Changelog version 3.0:

  • Introduces upgrade kits: a subassembly for moving headlight louvres and two subassemblies to turn it into a Daytona.

  • Reduced mass from 10.005t. to 8.726t - now it probably beats the Challenger again in a drag race.

  • Redesigned front subframe, it’s lighter but stronger.

  • Moved the engines from behind the rear axle to in front of the front axle. Much better CoM.

  • Redesigned the rear to have more detail.

  • Redesigned the nose to have more detail as well.

  • Improved aerodynamics: top speed increased from 84m/s to 88m/s.

  • Stiffened the front suspension a bit to handle the shifted CoM.

  • Doubled the fuel capacity.

  • Added a sort of dashboard.

  • Replaced the A-pillars and window sills with antennae.

  • Part count increased from 146 to 171.

  • It’s a little less stable at high speed, a little more stable at low speed … exactly what I wanted.

Changelog version 2.4:

  • Reduced grip overall to create an even better driving experience.

  • Added two extra headlights.

  • Mass increased slightly to 10.005t.

Changelog version 2.3:

  • Apparently the Boost Flap had not enough clearance, it blocked 2 of the 4 jet engines the whole time. And I wondered why that cop car was suddenly faster. Fixed.

  • Gave the rear wheels a tiny amount of extra grip.

Changelog version 2.2:

  • Reduced part count from 145 to 142.

  • Reduced mass from 10,133 kg to 9,953

  • Reduced battery capacity from 800 to 400 (it’s only used for assisting acceleration anyway).

  • Moved ballast mass forward.

  • Moved the chairs forward.

  • Changed brake balance, now it’s 80 front, 20 rear.

  • Made the suspension a lot softer, especially the rear.

  • Changed a lot of friction values. It’s more stable at high speed, more unstable at low.

  • Reduced Z-fighting.

  • Made the other strut ends invisible too.

  • Some more streamlining. New top speed: 84m/s (302km/h)!

  • Changed CoM/CoL … now it has a tendency to nose down a bit. No more unwanted airplane behaviour!

  • Reduced Boost Flap response time: Was 1.2s, now 0.1!

Changelog version 2.1:

  • Note: pictures are still from the 2.0 version.

  • Reduced part count from 163 to 145 (note, this is after decoupling MK1 capsule).

  • Reduced mass from 11,733 kg to 10,133 kg (again, after decoupling capsule).

  • Cleaned up the exteriour a lot (thanks to forum user Majorjim to motivate me to do what I needed to do a long time ago).

  • Added brake lights.

  • New top speed: almost 77m/s (was 75m/s).

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.

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