HMS Warspite (1934)
by Asksomoneelse
uploaded 2020-12-01
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HMS Warspite was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship built by the royal navy from 1912-1915. She fought in the first world war as a capital ship and served in many battles including the battle of Jutland where she would play a hand in the sinking of many ships. She herself would take damage during the battle and required refit. The ship would go on in royal navy service throughout the interwar period and would receive various refits and updates to her design. The version here is the post 1934 modified version with the tower superstructure. She would serve in the second world war in various theaters. In the early years of the war she would serve in the Atlantic and would partake in the various battles of Narvik. She would later be transfused to the Mediterranean where she played a large role in the allied domination of the region. She would also take part in the D-Day landings and would finish the war in Britain. She was decommissioned shortly after due to her age and would finish her career as one of the royal navies most successful ships on the 19th of April 1947. The British attempted to tow her to a scrap yard to be broken down. During the tow she broke free of her lines and would drift into the shore off of Scotland where she ran aground in a farmers back yard. She would be salvaged from there many years later.

The Warspite was originally built as a gen 2 super-dreadnought. She was build with a main battery consisting of 4 twin turrets in a A,B,Y,Z arrangement in super firing pairs. These turrets mounted the BK 15inch Mk1 naval guns and were excellent weapons which would serve her well throughout her career. This model comes equipped with the later radar range finders which provided her with a significant advantage over most axis ships who did not posses the technology. This would allow her to fire accurately in conditions not suitable for traditional optical systems and would play a significant hand in her various victories. In one instance she and a fleet of other ships including HMS Valiant and Barnam shuck up to point blank range of the Italian heavy cruisers Zara and Fiume at night. Caught off guard the ships had no time to react as the entire British battle line fired a salvo. Warspite’s guns in particular instantly detonated the forward magazines on Zara and she sank immediately. Though a ship from WW1 she consistently showed she was capable in the new era due to these improvements in her fire control system. Though she was not not as capable as many of the treaty battleships built after her she was still a good ship throughout her lengthy service career.


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