AV-11 "Heron" Dropship configuration
by Antonluisre
uploaded 2019-06-22
mod aircraft


The Heron is a small multirole VTOL/VSTOL used by the Kerbin Military forces. This variant is a AV-11 with stripped down external stores to allow faster transport of it’s passengers to the landing site, it can carry up to six in the cargo bay. It can be retrofitted as the combat version very easily allowing for increased versatility in the field. The one particularly shown in the pictures doesn’t posses the external droptanks normally carried for dropship operations. Pilots refer to it as the widowmaker since it cannot fly with one engine or one of it’s horizontal stabilizers and it’s complete lack of an ejection seat or a escape hatch for the copilot It’s massive dependency to tankers has left many without fuel in combat also it’s fuel hungry turboshaft engines don’t take damage very well.


Weapons: four 50. cal mg’s for anti infantry and Hydra rockets
Maneuverability: Low
Range: Low
Survivability: Low
Payload: Limited
Cargo: Low
Speed: Low


Dropship: Similar to Helicopter tactics in The vietnam era, a squadron of Hurons composed of both dropship and gunship variants will fly in formation until reaching the LZ. The Gunships are able to orbit the LZ to provide suppressive fire while the dropships land and unload the infantry. The dropships will leave one by one in a trail formation to rendezvous with the nearest tanker or RTB (Fuel permitting) while the gunships will stay orbiting until all the dropships are done.

Parachutist carrier: a formation of Hurons would climb to a altitude no less than 500 meters AGL and while in hover mode, the occupants can jump out. It its extremely risky given the aircraft’s vulnerability in that position.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.7.2.


  • Airplane Plus
  • Automated Aerial Refueling System
  • BDArmoryContinued
  • MechJeb 2
  • Squad (stock)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 93
  • Mods: 5

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