Explane Beta
by AnatoleH1
uploaded 2016-05-27
stock aircraft
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The Explane Beta is a fully equipped, highly efficient stock exploration plane, which can also be used to transport cargo. It can travel to speeds of up to 300m/s in the lower atmosphere, and can land on rough terrain, or waterland. It is also able to takeoff from water. It has a mass of 30.400t (default), with 81 parts and includes 6 seats.

The plane costs £61,621.2 ingame.

Its large wingspan allows it to fly at very low speeds, such as 40m/s, and provides it extra stability. It is equipped with 4 turbofan engines and can transport up to 3680 units of liquid fuel, as well as 1320 units of oxidizer (1880 units of liquid fuel and 132 units of oxidizer by default). The ‘extended range’ (ER) version of the plane comes with two solar panels, monopropellant and more fuel, directly inside the fuselage of the plane, as well as more lights and batteries, and another pair of airbrakes. It therefore comes with 12,1% more fuel capacity than the standard version.

The plane also features 4 airbrakes and 2 front lights, as well as the ones located on the landing gear. Its landing gear is seamlessly integrated inside the body of the plane.

There are two retractable ladders, located on each side of the nose of the aircraft, that you can manually deploy (useful in water). 


In order to takeoff from water, set the main engines to full power and activate the first action group for a brief moment once you reach 70m/s, which will fire the two front engines and point the nose of the plane upwards. Once you are in the air, you can deactivate the front engines by triggering the first action group again.


The 10th action group (which I set to the [F] key on my keyboard) triggers the thrust reversers, although you can re-assign this function in the spaceplane hangar (SPH).


The root part is the Mk2 cockpit.


Built in the spaceplane hangar (SPH) in KSP version 1.1


Click here to see the Explane Beta ER (Extended Range)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 81
  • Pure Stock
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