Class 9500 Superheavy
by AnSa
uploaded 2017-09-29
(updated 2017-09-29)
stock spaceplane
#Heavy #Orange #Tank #Duna #SSTO

In case you need to haul some orange tanks, a year worth of snacks or a compact space station a bit further than LKO, point your eyes here.

Low drag combined with generous TWR easily propel this craft to speeds in excess of 1400m/s before reaching the 30km mark. Nukes are used to circularise the orbit and for any futher transfers.

At LKO with 36t payload (20% of total craft mass), one should expect to have at least 2000 m/s of delta-v left. In other words, a plenty for half-assing your way to Duna and back, without landing. You can of course land and refuel, too. There is a multi-functional docking port as well as mining equipment on board.

The design provides a stable and pleasant re-entry to atmospheres. An orange tank will hardly move the center of mass at all. A total of five heavy landing gears will provide smootness and safety of travel even with new pilots and maximum cargo. Planning to hit the ground at 30m/s vertical? The plane doesn’t care.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 188
  • Pure Stock

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