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uploaded 2017-03-15
stock probe
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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: probe
  • Part Count: 71
  • Pure Stock

Nuclear Engine Module - Omnidirectional (NEMO)

The first module developed for the KSS was this nuclear powered booster to be deployed in pairs for heavy interplanetary transport. With nine LN-N thrusters and 10,000 units of fuel, a single pair can propel the KSS with Lander to almost any target body from Kerbin. For heavier loads, more pairs can be chained on top, or beside depending on the core device. When used as cisKerbin interplanetary tugs, the forward most fuel tank is held in reserve. Once the primary burn is complete and the payload no longer needs the modules, they can be detached. The NEMO pair(s) then rejoin and uses the reserved fuel to stay within Kerbin’s SOI. Aggressive aerobreaking is used to bring them back to Kerbin’s KSS for refuel and reassignment. With missions where the payload doesn’t have integral thrusters, the modules are kept and used for the capture burn. Then once stable orbit is achieved, topped off and flown back to Kerbin at the next window of opportunity. The modules feature independent probe cores, solar panels and antennas for autonomous work.
With the triple in-line docking ports on both sides and a single forward docking port, attachment options are numerous. The modules can be flipped backwards on the in-line ports for capture burns without having to rotate the payload. This allows more freedom in designing aerocapture protection and allows prograde entry with powered capture.
Note, the KSS port and starboard docking ports are in the line of fire for the inner LV-Ns and the two engines will need to be manually disabled before prograde capture burn. Extra sets on top of the first pair will not need this adjustment.
Burn time is just over 12 minutes, radiators are installed to prevent heat from seeping to other modules and the fragile solar panels.
The BEMO is the high thrust sister of the NEMO, replacing the LV-Ns for one big LF+OX engine. For small payloads the NEMETTE is used.

Built with 71 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3FuselageLF.25.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.2.

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