Joolian I
by Amechwarrior
uploaded 2017-03-17
stock lifter
#Lifter #Booster #Probe #Recovery #LKO


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 50
  • Pure Stock

Joolian I - 50t to LKO w/ recovery

The first and lightest of the Jool series launch vehicles allows payloads of up to 50t to reach orbit at 150,000km above Kerbin. The central core is fitted with a probe controller and parachutes for recovery. Delicate packages can be shielded from drag without modifying the payload, thanks to the integrated 2.5m fairing. The fairing base houses the recovery core and SAS wheel under the decoupler if no extra fairing protection is necessary.

This is the only rocket of the series to utilize large SRBs for a lifting stage. The SRB bundle can have four, six or all SRBs removed and main engine staged earlier if a very light payload is planned. The flexibility of the SRB bundles drove the smaller Mun launch vehicles out of favor.

Fairing settings: 2-sided clamshell deploy, max ejection force by default.
Available with 3.75m fairing as Joolian I b.
Joolian Series Hangar

Built with 50 of the finest parts, its root part is decoupler1-2.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.2.

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