Jool MIRV Launch
by Amechwarrior
uploaded 2017-03-23
stock satellite
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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: satellite
  • Part Count: 557
  • Pure Stock

10 Lite Relays, 5 Polar Scanners and 2 Relay Power Flower - Extras

Some consider the plan to send one craft to Jool with the entire comms array the greatest engineering feat of the space program. Other believe it’s the dumbest thing to hit the launchpad since Jeb launched a 3 part craft to the VAB without touching the controls.

The Joolian MIRV (Multiple Independently targetable Relay Vehicle) carries ten Polar Relay Lites held by 5 ore scanners, stacked on top of two Relay Power Flower Extras mounted to one giant Rhino engine with enough fuel to setup the relays for deployment near Tylo. The craft breaks down in to 19 separate parts, two of which are the main engine and central truss to be ditched at Tylo.

Each of the five MIRV Rounds carries an ore scanner and two Polar Relay Lites for communication and initial survey of each one of Jools moons. The two backbone relays will circularize just outside Tylo’s SOI and cant their inclination opposite to Bop so coverage is almost never blocked by a moon or Jool herself.

The mission profile if the MIRV is very specific and this craft blueprint offered here is mated with a Joolian IV launcher and the MIRV’s tanks setup for launch. The JIV can’t lift a fully fueled MIRV and even this partially empty version still needs to use some of its fuel for Kerbin orbit. A separate fueling run is necessary as the craft must be fully fueled to preform its mission.

Once the craft is full, four full NEMO engine modules will need to be attached to the base of the craft. These can have their forward tanks set to reserve for detachment and breaking to stay within Kerbin’s SOI after the injection is complete, hit 7 to undock all four engine modules at once. If your programs flight controllers are worried about the thin fuel margin, they can be left on to assist with the capture and flown back to Kerbin for reuse if a Jool fuel depot is available or ditched at Tylo. The two lowest tanks are for assisting the NEMO modules in the injection burn and have a 3m1s burn time. The upper tanks are for capture at Jool and set to reserve by default, see pictures to the right for post TJI burn fuel levels. The craft needs a favorable encounter with Tylo for the initial capture and should have enough fuel to hit target orbit just outside Tylo’s SOI. If more fuel is used than expected, repeated Tylo passes can save hundreds of dV before the final orbiting burn. In the pictures to the right, there is an example of a Tylo encounter that captures the MIRV in a nearly equatorial orbit without any fuel expended for the capture.

Once in Jool orbit, the MIRV warheads are deployed and each targets a moon to depart at a favorable window. The two backbone relays are free to release the MIRV central truss, which has about 50dV after it blows its connector. Aim it to intercept and impact Tylo. Then, set the main engine and backbone relays to also impact Tylo and drop the main engine. Burn to bring the two relays back to their previous orbit and separate. Once separated, burn to change its inclination opposite of Bop. The other will have to adjust its orbit to either half, or double of the firsts. Then, it can circularize so it’s opposite the first backbone relay. This mission plan leaves no debris.

Note: The polar ore scanners are not set to automatically deploy with 2 as they don’t check to see if they are obstructed by the fairings at this time.

Fairing settings: 4-sided fragmenting deploy, max ejection force by default.

A simulation running through the various deployment stages is linked below.

Built with 557 of the finest parts, its root part is dockingPort3.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.2.

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