V-toru Type 1
by AlteraCo
uploaded 2022-11-16
stock+DLC ship

The V-toru Type 1 is Altera’s one of a kind planes featuring VTOL making landing on uneven surfaces a lot easier. The Type 1 is the first VTOL that Altera has ever made. Altera’s engineers accounted for the natural roll, yaw and pitch of the aircraft and added two SAS stabilisers for total control over the plane and stability

Here we have a picture of the Type 1 taking off vertically. We recommend that you don’t fly the plane near the KSC whilst at high speeds as the OC panel will take control and turn the plane into a leaf in a tornado

The designers of the Type 1 has kept the plane simple not meddling with aesthetics too much as they said The plane must be extremely stable, anything added will throw the plane’s stability off! Trials to make the plane more visually appealing were immediately suspended after TEST-5514. It has been noted that the Type 1 locking mechanism is faulty and shouldn’t be hindered too much

Altera.Co is a supportive company and will accept any tips or modification and will give full credit to the person who administered the tip. Altera electricians ask that you carefully read the action groups correctly.

Production of new planes might halt temporarily starting from 19/11/2022 and production will begin again 22/11/2022. If anyone wishes to contact me please use [email protected].

Altera.Co will be releasing a online website selling little puzzles. We guarantee that there will be a new puzzle at least once every 2 months, Altera.Co will be accepting photos from the public with their custom name printed at the bottom right of the puzzle. If you want to enter the contest please email me your photo to [email protected]

Action group 1: Toggle Robotic part
Action group 2: Lock robotic part
Action group 3: Switch engine mode

Altera.Co would like to hear or see any modifications made to this craft, we thank you for your time.

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