Thonker REC
by AlteraCo
uploaded 2022-11-07
stock ship

The Thonker REC is a multi purpose aircraft from the ranges of FA-ACL (Front Attacker)(Aircraft Lifter). Fitted with four whiplash engines, the Thonker REC is designed to reach unattainable heights and speeds.

The Thonker REC edited version of her sisters all reaching incredible speeds and heights but the this one here has a trick up its sleeve/air intake

Altera.Co has engineered an abort system in case a CF-scenario happens. The team made more than twenty trials of the Thonker REC’s abort system with only 1 failure (no Kerbals were harmed).

Unlike the other Thonkers, the Thonker REC is more reliable in acquiring speeds of up to 400m/s 37.5s after take off. The Thonker you see here doesn’t have your regular nose cone, Altera.Co engineers made sure to use the Advanced Nose Cone - Type A for low flights.
Additional stabilizers have been added to the front of the plane in case the Ramp Intakes malfunction and one of the whiplash engines flames out starting the event of heavy banking.

Here we have a successful abort system recorded by our (REDACTED)

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