Supra Thonker SSJ #00.1
by AlteraCo
uploaded 2022-11-14
stock aircraft

The Supra Thonker has just been built. After just a week of planning and building such a craft, Altera’s crack team of engineers pushed their abilities of ingenuity to it’s limits. The Supra Thonker provides speed at a very short distance almost breaking the SoS (Speed of Sound) barrier just before the end of the KSC runway.

Here we have our Kerbanauts Jeb and Bill ready to test flight the Supra Thonker. The Supra Thonker is a 24 seat supersonic aircraft reaching medium range distances, it’s also faster than the other Thonkers with 12 ramjet Whiplash engines fitted on.

Altera’s scientists made an interesting discovery whilst testing the first versions of the Thonkers. Drag had an huge effect on the Thonkers limiting their true potential, the design here you see is called the GII (Good Intake Idea). The intake directly behind the cockpit of the plane reduces drag by a significant amount by taking all the air that’s hitting the cockpit into the air intake that goes directly to the ramjet engines.

The Supra Thonker is almost like a mini 747 with double decker seating. It accommodates comfortable seating with large leg space. A ladder can be used to enter the cabins but we recommend a bus.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 106
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.12.3

Feel free to modify this plane (it does need more fuel, adding an extra tank won’t hurt because it has an immense thrust)

Add less to limit

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