Cruise Thonker
by AlteraCo
uploaded 2022-11-09
stock aircraft

Featuring the Cruise Thonker! Ever felt like taking your hard working Kerbals on vacation with a bit of fire, the Cruise Thonker is able to do just that. Altera.Co now replaced the FAT-455 tail fins with Type-C fins and Elevon 3 for a new cruising speed of 1150m/s.

Altera.Co has studied the flaws of the other Thonkers and the main problem was the G-force endured whilst turning abruptly, Altera.Co still advises you to turn 150m/s but the Cruise Thonker allows you to turn at 900m/s softly.

Altera.Co promotes individual opinions about our crafts weather it may functions or not, we like to see edits of our craft and always give positive constructive feedback. If there’s anything that the engineers of Altera.Co whilst test flying the Cruise Thonker is that it produces a lot of drag when flying at supersonic speeds. Any edits to the craft to decrease the drag would be greatly appreciated.

As always Atera.Co thinks of our Kerbals with great care. The CEO of Altera.Co Gwem made a new policy that every Thonker must have an emergency Abort System to ensure the safety of our Kerbals.

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