Little Lab
by AlonzoTG
uploaded 2015-01-04
mod base
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  • Type: VAB
  • Style: base
  • Part Count: 326
  • Mods: 15
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  • ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads
  • FerramAerospaceResearch
  • KAS
  • KWRocketry
  • Kethane
  • MechJeb2
  • NearFutureConstruction
  • NearFutureSolar
  • NearFutureSpacecraft
  • NovaPunch2
  • ProceduralFairings
  • ProceduralParts
  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakScale
  • UmbraSpaceIndustries
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This cute little laboratory module is the perfect thing to start your base with. It is a lab and Extraplanetary launchpads workshop with extremely high productivity. Use it’s instruments to survey the perfect landing site and land it. Use KAS cables and pipes to build out your base. I mod the hell out of my mods, the changes that I remember making are that I added some basic resources to the Stanford Toruses laboratory module and I took the F1 engine by Hakari and kinda cheated the engine so that I could shut it off, otherwise it is strictly a booster. This version is a bit tricky to lauch. Have mechjeb stop staging after dumping the boosters, you probably don’t want to dump the fairing until above 55km, pause the autopilot until the fairings are clear. The design also tends to cartwheel, so you can’t just leave it to mechjeb and walk away, you will have to nurse it a bit into orbit… Unfortunately the lab is utterly untowable due to the structural limitations of that weenie little docking port on the top I tried adding kas anchors but that didn’t help. Your best bet is to park it as high as the first stage will take it and send up dozens of refueling flights… contact me if you need help loading or flying it. I have another version of this that replaces the launcher with a simple 10m tank but I had to customize tweakscale a little bit to let me do that.

UPDATE: The latest (last?) version of StanfordToruses (0.6.1) broke this design by moving the airlock hatch to the top of the craft from the bottom making it difficult to use as a lander. =\

Built in the VAB in KSP version 0.25.0.

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