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Voodoo Ray
by AeroGav
uploaded 2017-01-15
(updated 2017-12-06)
stock spaceplane
#panther #nerv #ssto #mk1


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 54
  • Pure Stock

Simple mk1 panther/nerv ssto with non-angled wings. 2000dV in LKO. Can be flown by any Kerbal, provided their first name is Gerald.


Getting this to orbit requires accurate control of Angle of Attack, for this reason I recommend that you DON’T use SAS. Use pitch trim adjustments (ALT + S or W) to control flight path vertically, and use ailerons to keep wings level.

  1. Before takeoff, set the pitch trim so that the pointer is covering the I on the word pitch on the control deflection indicator. For most of the flight, this is approximately the right amount.

  2. Climb subsonic to somewhere between 5 and 9km. Keep speed below 260 and the nose less than 5 degrees above prograde.

  3. At some point the airspeed will start to rise over 250 and you can’t make her climb any more without pulling the nose more than 5 degrees above prograde. This means it’s time to go supersonic. Use ALT+ W to reduce pitch trim so the AoA decreases to 2 or 3 degrees. Use action group 1 to trigger the Nukes for extra power.

  4. At 440 m/s, action group 1 again to cancel the nukes. Add a little more nose up trim to resume climb.

  5. Try to level off at 12-15km for your speedrun. .

  6. When the speed reaches 750, add nose up trim so the nose is 5 degrees above prograde, and press Space bar to start the nukes.

  7. Maintain the 5 degree angle of attack until over 70km. As you get higher, you will need to reduce the nose up trim to keep the same AoA, because the cockpit reaction wheel gets stronger relative to the aerodynamic forces trying to keep it on prograde. Above 40km it’s probably easiest to flip SAS on - by this point you’re almost in space however.

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