Streamlined 6 Nuke Mk3 engine mount
by AeroGav
uploaded 2017-03-13
stock ship
#Mk3 #Nerv #engine #mount #streamlined

For monster Mk3 interplanetary craft. This is actually a low drag mount - 3 of the nukes are on the mk3 mounts 1.25m nodes, and the central 2.5m attach point has a 3 way adapter with another 3 nukes on them. All 6 nukes have cones on their rear attach nodes, minimising drag. 19 Tons total, 360kn Vacuum thrust at 800 ISP. Just make sure all this weight at the back of your ship doesn’t unbalance it….

Edit - Video below is a comparison of this subassembly vs using radial attach points to just put 6 nukes directly on the back of a LF fuselage. Hack gravity and infinite fuel were used or we wouldn’t lift off at all !

The radial attach version is lighter and took an early lead. Note that the radial version also has cones on the rear attach nodes of its nukes, since this was a test of the attach method. Without cones, the initial advantage in weight for the direct attached ship, and later drag disadvantage , would be even more pronounced.


  • Type: Subassembly
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 14
  • Pure Stock

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