Stearwing D45N Lite
by AeroGav
uploaded 2016-12-07
(updated 2017-01-09)
stock spaceplane
#crew #docking #minmus #nuclear


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 93
  • Pure Stock

The stock craft, Stearwing D45 was removed from the game in 1.1.0 due to problems with excess drag and overheating.

This is my second attempt at offering a fixed Stearwing, while retaining an appearance closer to the original than my first attempt.

Features a single whiplash, single nuke, and twin drop tanks with Spark booster engines at rear. Retains the 12 Kerbal capacity of the original with a truly al fresco experience of hard vacuum, RCS and docking ability.

Note - the wings are angled and the craft is meant to be flown with SAS set to prograde assist most of the time, esp. during performance critical phases of flight.

However, it does go into some unwanted climbs when on prograde, so feel free to lock the nose angle with Stability Assist mode if pitch threatens to go over 20.

Note II - it may also climb above flameout altitude prematurely. If it goes over flameout height at less than 1100 m/s, don’t stage, wait for it to come back down and relight. It will be at a higher speed on the next upswing !

Note III - Above 35km the Navball flips to Orbit mode, which results in the nose running a degree or two lower when set to Prograde hold. Best to set it back to Surface until over 70km

Changelog -

9.1.2017 - added extra batteries, repositioned landing gear for wider track and less wheelbarrowing, reduced vernor thrusters to one. Drop tanks/booster Sparks moved to wing tips to be in line with CoM.

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