Screechcraft Starship SSTO
by AeroGav
uploaded 2017-09-15
stock spaceplane
#passenger #LKO

SSTO version of Screechcraft Starship SST. Action group 1 for afterburner, Action group 3 for nukes.
Above 6km and >240 m/s, engage Prograde Hold , if not already selected. Airplane will oscillate in a series of shallow dives and climbs. Next time airplane starts nosing over into a dive , activate nukes. Leave nukes running till over 420 m/s or pitch angle exceeds 10 degrees climb.

At this point, it is probably best to take over and try to manage climb rate. Try to level off at just under 14km for the speed run. Once you hit 730 m/s , activate nukes and go back on prograde hold. .

Just make roll corrections to stay on heading 90 degrees. At 36km Navball switches to Orbit mode. Manually switch back to surface mode so that the Prograde autopilot keeps the airplane pointing into the airflow as efficiently as possible.
Note, the cockpit will get very hot, but stays about 10% under max temperature so you don’t have to pitch up or throttle back to avoid overheating.
Note, there is a clamp o tron junior under the fairing, though of course to use it you have to jettison the fairing.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 51
  • Pure Stock
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