Learstar A2
by AeroGav
uploaded 2017-10-23
stock spaceplane

My conversion of the stock mk2 Learstar Shuttle into an air breathing, mostly re-usable spaceplane. Instead of quad kickbacks, Rhino , and Kerbodyne tank, we have a pair of Panther boosters on the wingtips with their own intakes and fuel tanks.

This results in a high thrust to weight ratio and a rapid acceleration to mach 3 , without the craft being saddled with the weight of excess jet engines after separation.

Thanks to these boosters, it is possible to have a TWR that wouldn’t be possible on an SSTO that matches it’s payload fraction/delta V.

Reaches orbit with comfortable fuel margin even if you fill the cargo bay to the brim with Xenon canisters.

With a light (science) payload, it can reach Minmus.

Video below shows how the original (rocket launched) Learstar handles itself


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 46
  • Pure Stock

This craft is designed to be flown with Prograde Hold set on SAS and no manual intervention in pitch during launch.
However, it has trim flaps bound to action group that will raise or lower the nose a couple of degrees when Prograde hold is enabled, giving you the opportunity to tame any porpoising.
Action Group 1 is nose up trim
Action Group 2 is neutral trim
Action Group 3 is nose down trim
NOTE - changes to the CoM when adding and removing Cargo appear to confuse the game and sometimes the trim flaps move in the wrong direction. Recommend you test the action groups before starting engines. If moving the wrong way, go to SPH and toggle the direction of the deploy function on the canard (normal/inverted) and inboard elevons to get desired behaviour.
For nose up trim, the canards should angle up. When nose down is set, the inboard elevons should droop trailing edge down.

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