Kerboliner Stretch 36 Super
by AeroGav
uploaded 2016-10-28
stock spaceplane
#mk3 #passenger #interplanetary #ISRU #duna


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 155
  • Pure Stock

A stretched version of the Kerboliner, with two Mk3 passenger cabins for a total Kerbal capacity of 36. Better operating economics since only 1 Whiplash is discarded, despite the extra capacity. And two Rapiers means it can lift off from Laythe with appreciable delta V to orbit. It does however, have higher wing loading than most of my craft and a more fragile structure, so landing on Duna requires care -

1) Be sure to burn off most of the LF before attempting landing. You can ISRU , don’t risk higher landing weight.
2) Do save at least 400 units of oxidizer for the ventral thrusters. I used less than 200 on my landings, but running out is bad.
3) trim for a stable glide, then lock 7 degree nose up pitch with SAS for the final few hundred metres. Control descent rate to less than 5m/s by translating upwards on the verniers.
4) key to successful touchdown appears to be controlling descent rate and matching body angle to terrain slope at point of impact.
5) Brakes are possibly destabilizing. Maybe don’t use until settled firmly on gear?

Laythe Departures

Taxy over the ground to the top of whatever island you are on before trying to take off. You will have to run the nukes a long time before, and after the sound barrier, even so expect to reach orbit with over 50% fuel. Don’t fill the oxidizer tanks, none at all is required to launch off Laythe.

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