K133 Curlew
by AeroGav
uploaded 2017-01-01
stock spaceplane
#Seaplane #SSTO #Amphibious #Interplanetary #Docking

My first Seaplane, based on my C7 Cormorant SSTO, but with added hydrofoils.
37 tons, 3 seats, docking port, 2 nukes, 1 rapier, 2 junos, no oxidizer.
Action Groups
1 Nukes on/off
2 (Hydro)Flaps up/down
Taking off from the Water
Deploy hydro-flaps with action group 2. I’ve had trouble with some surfaces deploying in the wrong direction so I recommend checking this as soon as you spawn on Runway.
Get going as fast as you can in the water on the Rapier and Junos. It’ll probably only make it to 13m/s or so, but this should at least get the hull planing.

Then use action group 1 to get a burst from the nukes, to accelerate to 29 m/s. After that water resistance will continue to fall as you get faster till it flies itself off. Retract flaps once safely airborne.
Getting to Orbit
Climb subsonic to 10-13km, then reduce AoA so nose only a couple of degrees above horizon until accelerated to 440 m/s.
Make your speedrun at 21500M altitude. Keep reducing nose up trim to just 1.5AoA, to stop it climbing. You should be able to reach a little over 1400 m/s. After that, turn the nukes on and pitch to 4 or 5 degree AoA. Do your best to hold that AoA until your AP has gone over 70km.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 73
  • Pure Stock

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