Auto Ray
by AeroGav
uploaded 2017-03-07
(updated 2017-04-14)
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #panther #nerv #Minmus


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 50
  • Pure Stock

An attempt to make my Voodoo Ray SSTO easier to fly,.its wings are angled so it makes enough lift to fly when the SAS is set to prograde hold, and trim flaps bound to action groups simplify controlling climb rate.

This base airplane contains only parts you must have unlocked in order to have access to the NERV and Panther engines, however i’ve put a solar panel in service bay this time, as well as a Vernier engine in case you want to try landing horizontally on Minmus.

** 3 Star Kerbo-NCAP occupant protection rating **

Fly the aircraft to orbit with SAS set to Prograde hold.   It has pitch trim flaps bound to action groups for controlling climb rate. Other than keeping wings level / making heading corrections, you can fly this without touching the controls.

Action group 1 sets nose up trim. Action group 2 is neutral trim. Action group 3 is nose down trim.

After takeoff, toggle between action group 1 and 2 to control climb rate. Approx 12 degrees is a good angle, keeps airspeed stable. Use nose up trim to stop airspeed getting above 240 m/s. If you feel the nose is dropping too far, or if airspeed is encroaching upon the transonic region (240m/s),  switch back to nose up trim.   Initial climb angles of 10-15 degrees are about right, but this will decrease as the air gets thinner.

At some point,  the plane will start levelling off and airspeed will start heading over 240 m/s even though you’re in nose up trim.  This means it’s time to cross the sound barrier. Set action group 3 (nose down trim) and press the Abort button to toggle the nukes on.

At 440m/s,  press Abort again to cancel the nukes and use action group 1 (nose up trim) to bring you out of the dive. When the plane reaches level flight, go to neutral trim (action group 2).  

After 11km, you might want to switch back to nose down trim to stop it busting 14km. Speedrun altitude should be 12-14km.

At 750 m/s, go to neutral trim for best lift/drag. Aircraft will probably start climbing. When the acceleration starts to die off, press Space Bar to start the  nukes.

At 36km the Navball will switch to Orbit mode.   Click it to put it back in Surface, otherwise it can lead to the plane trying to fly nose-down when on Prograde hold.

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