by AeroGav
uploaded 2018-04-04
(updated 2018-06-22)
stock spaceplane
#Mk3 #cargo #SSTO

Fly her on Prograde Hold for best results

AG 1 - Nose up trim
AG 2 - Neutral Trim
AG 3 - Nose Down Trim
AG 4 - Toggle Nukes
AG 6 - Cancel Afterburner (economy cruise)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 77
  • Pure Stock

Update - Yes. it can carry an orange tank to orbit ! I had a few issues in this vid getting sufficiently fine pitch control with the action groups, possibly because i’d put the payload slightly too far aft (making it pitch up more) and also i had the authority of the outboard canards (which are controlled by AG) set to 100%, and didn’t realise that was the problem till the end of the flight (finally lowering the authority on these things).

Still made it to orbit pretty easily, though getting the payload out wasn’t straightforward.

Update 22 June 2018 - Craft found to have rearward shift in CG when empty , slight but given marginal stability to begin with, not acceptable. Have improved stability now, but since CorrectCoL no longer works on KSP 1.4x, it’s a lot of trial and error. Changes have reduced roll rate and i need to confirm handling on zero fuel situation with more flight testing.

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