Aero Tug 1
by AeroGav
uploaded 2016-11-14
stock spaceplane
#career #panther #terrier #launcher #lab

A career game SSTO launcher, using Panther and Terrier engines. Capable of towing station components into orbit, like this lab, or a hab module, or perhaps a mun/minmus lander. Comsat upper stages as well. Add wings to payload as necessary to balance centre of lift with centre of mass. The craft file is hitched to a Mobile Processing lab as pictured. This lab has a probe core, batteries, antenna, reaction wheel, solar panel, and it’s own engine with a small amount of fuel. This should make it easier to dock other components to it, as well as move it to slightly higher orbit.

Action group RCS deploys all the solar panels and the comms antenna. Important ! Do not retract the solar panels with service bays shut, it WILL break them. Please note, it is possible to re-enter the lab if you’re careful - it has chutes. Though i’m not sure why you’d ever want to.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 101
  • Pure Stock
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