Crow Mk-1
by A_Because
uploaded 2017-02-27
(updated 2017-02-27)
stock aircraft
#VTOL #hinge #supersonic #jet

I’m probably going to make a habit of uploading a craft, finding half a dozen little problems, and reuploading a newer version a few hours later. Anyways, this update improved the reliability of the hinge, decreased drag, and improved VTOL balance. Have fun!

And again! I just need to make a checklist apparently. Anyways, there was some weird issue with the hinge where is would not work when used after quickloading or flying it from the tracking station, but that’s fixed, and I dropped the part count by one! I also found a workaround for not having a ladder.

So, I decided to do another one of these. It’s a very similar craft, a bit more touchy in VTOL mode, but still fun to fly. Still haven’t worked out that ladder issue though.


Originally part of the Raven project, this craft was unique enough to warrant its own designation. While similar in function and top speed, it has more fuel and a higher thrust to weight ratio.


While lacking a ladder, you can retract the landing gear to get out and jump up to the ladder built into the cockpit to get in.

Action Group 4 can be used to reset the position of the actuator. This may behave somewhat oddly, so it is best to check the position of the actuator before switching flight modes.

The engine gimbal must be locked for horizontal flight, but can be unlocked for greater control in vertical flight. For the gimbals to work properly in VTOL mode, the CoM must be in front of the engines when they are vertical.

Do not attempt to land the craft vertically without afterburner unless it has burned a sufficient amount of fuel. Short landings can be achieved without it, however.

The airbrake is unshielded and is in deployed postion when used to actuate horizontal flight. Action Group 4 can be used to retract it, but check it has worked and be sure to return it to proper postion before switching flight modes.

Action Keys:
1: Toggle Afterburner
2: Toggle Engines
3: Switch Flight Modes
4: Reset Actuator
5: Toggle Gimbal
6: KerbNet Access

A stock aircraft called Crow Mk-1. Built with 89 of the finest parts, its root part is ServiceBay.125.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 89
  • Pure Stock
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