Submission Rabid Viper Subscriber Station
by AStart
uploaded 2016-03-17
stock station

A submission the Rabid Viper’s newly announced Subscriber Station. An upright VAB file, with 57 parts (on the edge of the part limit!), that is all stock!(1.0.5). Root part is at the 2 meter probe core at the top of the image.

This is essentially a service module. I thought I’d be practical and send some electrics up there first. Has lots of charge and has solar panels (safely tilted in to fit in service bay). Has a 2 meter port at the top and 1 meter port at the bottom. Also at the bottom is a Cupola module. There are a couple antennas, and an rcs tug! The tanks are visible in the image, and are seen sort of shielded by radiator panels. I don’t know if action groups carry over in a file, but 1 opens the bay, and 2 opens panels, lights, antennas. Did I mention it had red tinted docking lights?


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: station
  • Part Count: 57
  • Pure Stock
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