Basic Helicopter
by AHHans
uploaded 2020-02-22
stock+DLC aircraft


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 23
  • Pure Stock

  • Built in KSP version 1.9.0.


The aircraft division of AHTech Industries proudly presents the Basic Helicopter. A light craft to demonstrate the new invention of cyclic and collective control schemes and to train novice pilots in their use. Due to these new inventions the SQUAD Automated Systems (widely known as SAS) flight computer can help the pilot to keep the craft stable in all phases of flight. And that without the use of reaction wheels.

Usage Notes

While the craft is remarkably stable even without help from the flight computer, it is recommended that new pilots turn on the stability program. AHTech Industries rejects any responsibility for accidents without or with the active stability program.

  • Action Group 1 toggles engine power on the main and tail rotor
  • Main Throttle controls the collective pitch and thus the thrust on the main rotor: two thirds throttle is enough for a calm lift-off, about half throttle is enough to keep it steady in mid-air, and minimum throttle will cause a rapid but survivable descent.
  • Roll, pitch, and yaw are controlled with the regular controls.

AHTech Industries’ test pilot Valentina Kerman and test engineer Bill Kerman during a test flight over the KSC.

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