Sukhoi Su-37 Terminator
by A-M_Aeronatics
uploaded 2016-12-19
stock aircraft
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Based on the famous Sukhoï Su-37 Terminator, the AM-37 Terminator is the KSP replica of the soviet air superiority fighter jet, which has both power and agility.

  • Powered by two KR3M-L1N afterburning gimbaled-turbojets, the Terminator has a total stationary thrust of 340kN (520kN with ABs) which allows him to scratch the Mach at sea level.
  • Equipped with both canards, elevators and engine gimbal, the Su-37, like his former Su-27 Flanker, can pull some impressive manoeuvres, including the unique Pougatchev’s Cobra.
  • Built around a strong and modern airframe, the Terminator can withstand accelerations up to 15G without suffering a scratch. It can also resist high pressures, allowing him to break Mach 1 at sea level and Mach 2 at 1500m.
  • His large wing geometry allows the aircraft to fly at remarquably low speeds, perfect for landing on short dirt tracks or aircraft carriers, but it also enables it to carry a significant fuel load and payload into mission.

Specially built for the Soviet terrain, the Terminator is both powerful and resiliant, able to resist extremely low temperature or harsh conditions, and still being able to take-off and land.
In short, a truly remarquable all-time superiority fighter, brought to you by A.M. Aeronautics!


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 172
  • Pure Stock

Action Groups

*RCS - Toogle Afterburners
*Lights - Toogle Cockpit Lights
*Brakes - Toogle Brakes and Airbrakes
*09 - Toogle Ladder
*10 - Toogle Engines

It takes time to admit you’ve lost.

  • Gelb 1, ordering Gelb 2 to bail out of his Terminator.

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