ADFX-01/02 ''Morgan'' Stock
by A-M_Aeronatics
uploaded 2017-05-26
stock aircraft
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Those who survive a long time on the battlefield
start to think they’re invicible.

– Pixy, trying to destabilize Cypher during their ultimate dogfight


A.M. Aeronautics is proud to present you a brand new piece of art, coming strait from our
secret laboratories. Last year, a full container of an unknown aircraft’s debris was sent to our R&D facility by the Ustian Army’s Research Corps. They said the plane had crashed in
Northern Belka during a secret operation to prevent a balistic missile launch.
Nevertheless, our top engineers unpacked the remarquably advanced components of the so-called Morgan, and an intense work of reconstitution began. After a year of development in total secrecy, the R&D department was proud to power up the systems of their new creation :
the ADFX-01 Morgan


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 178
  • Pure Stock


  • Lenght : 18.4m
  • Width : 13.5m
  • Height : 4.5m

Other statistics

  • Empty mass : 17.5t
  • Fueled mass : 32.5t
  • Max fueled mass : 40.8t
  • Nrm fuel capacity : 2160u
  • Max fuel capacity : 4570u
  • Minimal TWR : 0.85
  • Maximal TWR : 1.97

Action Groups

  • Brakes : Brakes + Airbrakes
  • Gear : Landing Gear + Lights
  • Lights : Cockpit lights
  • RCS : Afterburners
  • Group 10 : Engines On/Off
  • Group 9 : Ladder Up/Down

The ADFX-01 Morgan is a prototype aircraft designed from the remains of a crashed experimental belkan project, featuring advanced control, reactor, avionics and weapons systems. This technological jewel is notably equiped with a state-of-the-art avionic, allowing
the Morgan to execute extremely sharp turns at both super-low and near-Mach speeds. It is
also equipped with two high-gimbal afterburning turboreactors in order to propel its 32.5 tons, but more importantly to provide the Morgan with its incredible agility and TWR, making the Morgan capable of extremely exotic maoeuvres. Finally, the aircraft features 4 hardpoint
placed under its short wings, for carrying either air-to-air or air-to-ground ordnance, usually devastating in both ways.
The most advanced aircraft produced by A.M. Aeronautics so far, the Morgan is an incredible dogfighter coupled to a multirole and experimental weapons platform, built to inspire fear in the heart of your enemy, and obliterating him if necessary.

A.M. Aeronautics holds no responsability for the usage of nuclear air-to-air warheads

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