1930s Biplane
by 4rcs1ne
uploaded 2021-05-21
mod+DLC ship


This is a rickety old biplane sort of modeled after biplane designs from the 1930s. It is highly maneuverable and is capable of some very cool aerobatic maneuvers.


To take off, first, ensure that the tail wheel steering is disengaged (i.e. tail wheel locked). Otherwise, the plane becomes even more squirrelly than it already is due it being a tail-dragger. Then, apply maximum throttle. Tap left rudder to counteract the torque being exerted by the engine. Do NOT over-correct rudder input when countering engine torque otherwise the plane will ground-loop and lose control. The plane will pretty much naturally lift up into the air past 40m/s. Also, note that the right wing will rise up into the air before the left one therefore some right aileron input may be necessary.


To land this plane, line up with the runway. Then, idle the throttle. The plane will naturally slow down. Near the runway threshold, hold the plane off just a few feet above the runway until it stalls and lands on all 3 landing gears (3 point landing). Ensure that vertical descent rate upon landing isn’t too high otherwise a prop strike will ensue, damaging the air-frame and rendering it junk. Make sure that brakes are used in moderation as they can cause the aircraft to flip forward.

Safety Features

Thankfully, the odds of the pilot surviving any crash is very high. The craft has structure and fuel tanks underneath where the pilot is seated in order to provide cushion in the event of a crash landing. Also, there is a roll cage around the pilot such that in the event of the aircraft flipping over, the pilot can survive. Hopefully, none of these safety features will be needed.


Service Ceiling: 5000m (16,400ft)
Takeoff Speed: 40m/s (90 mph)
Landing Speed: 30m/s (67 mph)
Max Speed (diving): 145m/s (324 mph)
Max Speed (level): 118m/s (264 mph)
Stall Speed: 20m/s (45 mph)


  • Breaking Ground DLC
  • KerbalEngineer
  • Making History DLC
  • Squad (stock)
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